The Future of the Cornicelli for Congress Campaign

Ronkonkoma, NY – Over the past week-and-a-half there has been much speculation as to the future of the Cornicelli for Congress Campaign. Since Day 1, Captain Cornicelli has been clear: he is in this race to represent the people in the district. Regardless of the County GOP’s decision, Robert Cornicelli and his campaign will continue to operate and fight for the American people and for the people of this district. When discussing this matter, Robert said:
“No backroom deals, no quid pro quo, nothing will get in the way of making sure that our next Congressperson will be an individual who is in his or her position with the sole purpose of representing the people’s interests. I am in this fight because I know that all the other contenders – Republicans and Democrats – are doing this [running for Congress] to advance their own careers or personal agendas. The only thing I am looking to gain from this is the chance to proudly tell my daughter and my son that their representative cares more about their futures than his or her own.”

Since its inception in July of 2021, the Cornicelli for Congress campaign has been able to grow in ways never-before believed. The campaign staff – along with the 40+ interns – are working every day to make sure the will of the people is observed and protected.


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