We oppose radical left indoctrination in our schools

We are asked to be salt and light in the world. At risk of being labeled salty, I hope to add some needed flavor to our engagement while shining light.

Let me thank Alpena Public Schools Superintendent David Rabbideau, for his efforts to address concerns by hosting a town hall last week. I’m hopeful such town halls will spark an equitable dialogue at some point. In the aftermath of that initial town hall, both parents and teachers, in disheartening numbers, have expressed to me their thoughts and feelings that the meeting was fruitless and ineffectual. 

In short, they remain unheard, drowned out by the domination of prepared diatribes, despite congratulatory cheerleading headlines.

The primary takeaway from the town hall, for anyone who cares about the education, minds, and hearts of our children, is twofold: First, there is a perpetual passing of responsibility to higher levels of government bureaucracy. Second, the Alpena Board of Education refused to take a stand against state, federal, and union pressure.

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