Show Me Your Face New York

Show Me Your Face New York was founded in May 2021 by Shannon Vanderhoof and Krystle Walker. Shannon and Krystle are sisters from Long Island New York who initially created a group for New Yorkers to share their maskless shopping experiences. They wanted a place that likeminded individuals could form a community and share with each other their own personal experiences whether good or bad of unmasking and freeing their faces in public settings. Quickly they realized they had created enough of a following to organize the first of many to come “Unmask the Kids” rallies on Long Island, New York. Since May of 2021 they have organized several “Unmask the Kids” rallies as well as hospital healthcare workers against mandated vaccine rallies and co-organized mandate freedom rallies from Long Island all the way up to Albany New York. The mission of SMYF NY is to restore freedom back in New York State. To stand up against tyrannical leadership and government overreach. To fight for basic human rights for all. Unmasking the kids, and putting an end to all unconstitutional, ungodly and unscientific mandates. 
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