National Security & Military

Between the ongoing threat of terrorism, the rapid growth of our adversaries’ military capabilities, and a continual increase in cyberattacks, America’s national security is under siege like never before.

Captain Cornicelli will make sure we support our troops and protect our citizens by:
  • Increasing investment in military research and development (R&D).
  • Ensuring our troops receive the technology, equipment, and supplies they need to defend our country at home and abroad.
  • Empowering the military to seek out and destroy terrorist networks, both foreign and domestic.
  • Asserting America’s military dominance and standing our ground against hostile regimes.
  • Improving offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to contend with our enemies.
As a veteran of both the US Army and the US Navy, the Captain has seen the impact that funding has had on our troops’ abilities to succeed in the field. 

Wasteful spending remains a major problem in our government today. Democrats want to cut funding for our heroes at home and overseas and then label it as a reduction in that wasteful spending. When he gets to Washington, Cap will make sure the Radical Left won't take a penny away from those who risk their lives for freedom and democracy.

As your future Congressman, Robert will push for a full audit of defense spending to identify and eliminate waste and invest those funds back into equipping our brave men and women with the resources they need to defend America and our interests at home and abroad.
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National Security (by the numbers):
  • Under Biden and the Democrats, China has been able to get ahead of the US in the development of hypersonic missiles.1
  • It is estimated that cybercrime, defined as the use of malware and ransomware to solicit money from victims, cost the US government over $13.7 billion in 2018 alone.2
  • In 2020, there were 1,001 data breaches caused primarily by foreign actors that partially or fully exposed the personal records of 155.8 million Americans.3

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