Protecting States' Rights

This country was founded in the wake of the upheaval of a tyrannical, centralized government. However, over time, we’ve been electing people to office that want our federal government to be just that. It’s time to elect someone to Congress who understands the true intentions of our Founding Fathers. In Congress, Robert will fight to send power back to the states, to make our government work the way it should!

As part of Robert’s campaign to push for states’ rights, he will also fight to send education back to the states. Our children are our future and it’s time we stop letting the government stronghold schools into abiding by one curriculum. When in Congress, Robert will fight to eliminate the Department of Education and make sure no school has to choose between properly educating its students or being able to keep the lights on. The money the federal government gives to states for our schools should no longer be held hostage – it’s time for the government to put our children first!

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