Warrior of the Unborn

The issues of abortion and the fight of Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice in this country have been warped by the media and have led the American people to be misinformed about the intentions of the "Pro-Lifers". As someone who is a proud, unapologetic member of the Pro-Life Movement, Robert Cornicelli has made it clear that the issue of abortion is not about a person's right to their own body, it's about protecting and defending those who cannot do so themselves.

Robert stands strong in his conviction that every person should be in charge of his or her body, but that includes our unborn who are helpless and without a voice. Let's clarify the debate and stop letting the media pit us against each other.

Robert Cornicelli is a proud member of the Republican Party, a party that loves, respects, accepts, and appreciates all people and believes that we are all born with the same, God-given, inalienable rights.

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To view a PDF version of the transcript for Robert Cornicelli's speech at the October 2021 March for Life Rally, click here.

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